Congressional Spotlight: The Authorization of the Zadroga Act

As recently published by Newswire, Anthony Scarduzio was known to contribute to the passing of the Zadroga Act which has changed the lives of many who were affected by the events of September 11th. The act was named in honor of a fallen hero that was diagnosed with a disease targeting his respiratory system.

Anthony suffers from a rare condition which he received from his experience during the recent catastrophic event. Since then, he has transitioned to a civilian lifestyle where he now serves as a professional handyman. View the Best Kept Secrets of Being a Handyman for more details about living the life of a mechanic.

In a recent tweet, Anthony mentions his top secrets about being a handyman. After viewing the video, you will discover more about what the job entails. His specialty is commercial plumbing.


Best Kept Secrets of Being a Handyman

Anthony Scarduzio presents his comprehensive guidelines on the art of being a mechanic. He has served as a premier plumbing consultant for over 10 years. His extensive knowledge can be attributed to the training which he received from Castle Plumbing, Inc.

In this video, you will discover more about the daily life of a handyman. Through hard work and dedication, he has emerged as a premier mechanic within the state of New York. He is an expert within the field of residential plumbing which will be demonstrated within the guideline. Anthony is a master craftsman within the art of plumbing and fixing household appliances. His contributions to the world of teaching his fellow mechanics can be documented online via his official YouTube channel.



What is the Zadroga Act?

Following the events of 9/11, the individuals who were injured were not the only ones affected. The people sent to help them as firefighter first responders on Ground Zero have developed long-term illnesses as implications from the fallout of the epidemic.

As a response to this change bill petition, I managed to make a difference in the passing of this political action. For more information, visit here.


Ability to support this cause through the platform

What is Castle Plumbing, Inc.?

Castle Plumbing, Inc. (CPI) is the leading provider of water plumbing, sanitary plumbing, drainage, mechanical services, roofing, and gas services. Headquartered in Ossining, New York, CPI is the premier choice for anyone with specialized needs in regards to the industry.



Located in the heart of Ossining, NY

Castle Plumbing has recently acquired a new world renowned talent by the name of Anthony Scarduzio.


Lead Mechanic

Who is Anthony Scarduzio?

This is the first entry in the upcoming series “Who Is…?” featuring unknown entities.


A snapshot taken during his last vacation








Anthony Scarduzio is a leading mechanic in the plumbing industry. His knowledge includes, but is not limited to, installation, repair, and maintenance of residential or commercial locations.

Mr. Scarduzio was a firefighter first responder during the 9/11 event at ground zero. Since that day, he has been an avid supporter of all individuals in need after catastrophic events such as these.


He has been happily married for years